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Victor Riches

Goldwater Institute
President & CEO
Victor Riches, Goldwater Institute President & CEO Prior to joining the Institute, Victor served as Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Budget, where he was responsible for the formation and passage of all of the Governor’s major policy objectives as well as the state’s budget. While working for the Governor, he developed and passed into law legislation to protect the sharing economy and restrict the power of unelected bureaucrats. Victor also crafted and negotiated Arizona’s first balanced budget in nearly a decade. Widely regarded for his policy and strategic acumen, Victor started his career in the Arizona State Legislature, where he spearheaded the state’s first school choice legislation as well as the largest tax cuts of all time in Arizona. He is the only person in the history of the state to become Chief of Staff of both the State Senate and the House of Representatives, having served in those positions for seven years.