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Matt Nese

Institute for Free Speech
Director of External Relations
Matt re-joined the Institute for Free Speech as the organization’s Director of External Relations in July 2012 after spending time at Stateside Associates, where he gained an extensive knowledge of state legislative processes. In his capacity as Director of External Relations, Matt is responsible for the organization’s legislative and policy outreach efforts on both the state and federal level and oversees the organization’s research and communications efforts as well as its coalition building activities. Matt also supervises the Institute’s Research Director, Communications Director, and Media Manager. The Institute is the nation’s largest organization dedicated solely to protecting First Amendment political rights.

In more than seven years as the Institute’s Director of External Relations, Matt has spent considerable time identifying, analyzing, and educating policymakers and groups about the perils inherent in state legislative and regulatory proposals that will infringe upon free speech and privacy in association. These threats, which are often unsuccessful but continue to increase in prevalence, are squarely aimed at silencing speech and preventing Americans from joining together to support the candidates and causes of their choice. As a result of this work, Matt is regarded as a nationwide expert on state activity pertaining to free speech and association.

Prior to his time at Stateside Associates, Matt worked at the Institute as the Government and Coalition Relations Assistant, in which capacity he oversaw the organization’s state legislative efforts, and interned at the Institute for several semesters as a Research Associate. Matt also spent time interning on Capitol Hill for a member of Congress from his home state of Pennsylvania.

Matt has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from The George Washington University and is a member of the National Institute for Lobbying and Ethics.