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Katy Gambella

Talent Market
Network Engagement Manager
Katy (RanvilleGambella is Talent Market’s Network Engagement Manager. Katy began her career at the Institute for Humane Studies and later joined the Cato Institute. Starting at Cato as a Research Assistant, Katy quickly realized her comparative advantage (and preference!) is to work with people and not to do policy research. During her participation in the Koch Associate Program, she moved into her role in Student Programs, where she spent nearly four years recruiting, hiring, and supervising more than 300 interns. Katy is a Midwesterner at heart and a very recently adopted Southerner. She was raised in Michigan, where her family still lives, and studied Economics at Hillsdale College. After graduation she spent seven years in Washington, DC. She now lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband. They plan to visit every brewery in the region on a quality control tour.