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Dr. De Hicks

RMC Group of Companies
Founder and President
Dr. De Hicks is the Founder and President of the RMC Group of Companies which includes SCGI, a research firm dedicated to improving performance of high impact, mission-oriented organizations. SCGI’s research, led by Dr. Hicks, has resulted in significant gains in impact and productivity for newly minted and experienced leaders. His research has resulted in breakthroughs in the science of habit formation, effective decision making, cross-functional and interdisciplinary communication, conflict management, change management as well as ground breaking insights into stress management.

Dr. Hicks has over 35 years of experience in researching, teaching, complex problem solving, conflict resolution, negotiation, mentoring and coaching and strategic change management. Dr. Hicks is a featured speaker at conferences across the United States and works effectively with small and large groups. His firm’s clients have included the Department of Defense’s Command University, Think Tanks, Multiple Police and Fire Departments, 911 Regional Centers, Health Care consortiums, Universities, Software Development firms, Investment Funds, Broadcast and Print Journalism Enterprises and International Trade Consortiums.