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Rep. Alan Clemmons

South Carolina House of Representatives
Alan Clemmons is a nine-term member of the South Carolina House of Representatives serving the district that includes the popular vacation destination, Myrtle Beach. Rep. Clemmons paints with a widely varied political palette: from election security and redistricting to legislative pushback against anti-Semitism. His legislative service was highlighted nationally last year by FiscalNote when they identified Rep. Clemmons as America’s most effective state representative. He serves as 2019 National Chairman of the American Legislative Exchange Counsel (ALEC), a nationwide collaboration between legislators and leaders of industry in promotion of limited government, free markets and federalism. This year, Rep. Clemmons is leading a high profile effort to reform civil asset forfeiture laws. With over a hundred bipartisan cosponsors, his bill is on a fast track to becoming Palmetto State Law.