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Wednesday, October 30

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Live Podcast: Leadership Lessons with the Executive Director of the USA Basketball FoundationBrian Walker • Killjan Anderson On-Camera Media Training: Session 1 (Sponsored by Leadership Institute)Beverly Hallberg Forecasting the Future of Pension Reform in the States (Sponsored by Reason Foundation)Zachary Christensen • Ryan Frost • Steven Gassenberger Roundtable: All’s Not Fair in Corporate Welfare: Ending the “Economic Development” War (Sponsored by Americans for Prosperity)Michael LaFaive • Russell Latino • Greg LeRoy • Matthew Mitchell • Christina Sandefur Roundtable: Civil Society, Individual Happiness, and the FundraiserJeff Cain • Jeremy Beer Roundtable: Doing Business North America: A New Tool to Rank State and Local Business Regulations (Sponsored by Center for the Study of Economic Liberty at Arizona State University)Paul Bernert • Steve Slivinski Roundtable: Don’t Be Afraid of Healthcare: What You Can Do Today to Reform Healthcare in Your StateRuss Walker • Naomi Lopez-Bauman • Sal Nuzzo • Jordan Roberts Roundtable: Energy Trends in the States: How Emerging Policies Are Manipulating State Energy MarketsJason Isaac • Tom Pyle • David Stevenson • John Eick Roundtable: How Hollywood Can Broaden the Conservative Message for a New Generation (Sponsored by The Steamboat Institute)Hadley Heath Manning • Sam Sorbo • Braeden Sorbo • Roger Simon Roundtable: How to Message School ChoiceKatherine Kellett Bathgate • Michael Chartier • Tommy Schultz • Christine Patterson Roundtable: Professional Development: Continued Discussion with Jay PapasanJay Papasan Roundtable: Workplace Representation: Alternative Forms for the 21st-Century WorkerChantal Lovell • Keith Williams • Brigette Herbst • Colin Sharkey • F. Vincent Vernuccio Roundtable: Federal Overreach in Payments: The Fed, Price Controls, and Tech Mandates (Sponsored by Rio Grande Foundation)Paul Gessing • Rob Hunter • Patrick Reynolds • Frank Salinger Workshop: Outclass the Competition: A Business Etiquette Course for Development and Nonprofit Professionals (Pre-Registration Required)Heather Noyes

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On-Camera Media Training: Session 2 (Sponsored by Leadership Institute)Beverly Hallberg Roundtable: Deploy Strategic Litigation to Further Your Policy Goals (Sponsored by Pacific Legal Foundation)Rachel Swaffer • David Guenthner • Christina Martin • Drew Zinecker Roundtable: Healthcare Innovation Waivers: A State Reform to the Affordable Care ActLindsay Killen • Rea Hederman • Kyle Wingfield • David Balat Roundtable: Life in America Through the Eyes of the Poor…and What It Means (Sponsored by Georgia Center for Opportunity)Corey Burres • Randy Hicks • Erin Norman • Tamra Ryan Roundtable: Occupational Licensing: Failing Consumers, Costing Jobs, and What States Can Do About ItDaniel Greenberg • Laura Ebke • Dick Carpenter • Lee McGrath Roundtable: Policy Solutions for Local GovernmentSarah C. Keenan • Tuttle Twins • Christina Sandefur • Ron Shultis Roundtable: The Electoral College: How It Works to Protect Liberty (Sponsored by Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs)Michael Maibach • Trent England • Tara Ross Roundtable: The Property Tax PuzzleLee Schalk • Ken Girardin • Sarah Curry • Regina Egea • Jared Walczak Workshop: Build Your Digital Toolkit (Sponsored by Google)Andrea Holtermann • Maria Giannopoulos Discussion: Succession Planning: Ensure the Long-Term Success of Your Organization (Closed Session for state think tank senior executives and board members)Dr. De Hicks Movie Screening: Miss Virginia (Presented by Moving Picture Institute)

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